Traditional Vinegar Of Modena P.D.O. Extra-old

From centuries old batteries

340,00 € / 100 ml.
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Producer and distributor: Acetaia La Tradizione Soc. Coop. Stradello del Fiume 23; 41123 Modena, Italy

Bottler: Consorzio Tutela A.B.T.M. Viale Virgilio 55; 41123 Modena, Italy

Third party certification body: Kiva Cermet, appointed by the ministry for agricultural policies

Name: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O. Protected Designation of Origin

Production regulations: it provides for two dates (> 12 years red capsule and > 25 years gold capsule), no other dates are allowed, bottling allowed only in a center authorized by MIPAF and controlled by the same certification body "Kiwa Cermet", before bottling, the product must pass a severe organoleptic test carried out by a commission of expert tasters who certify that it has exceeded the minimum threshold envisaged by the specification.
Ingredients: grape must only (cooked must from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes)
Country of origin: province of Modena
Aging: over 25 years 
Bottle and Content: single institutional container allowed by 100ml, and of the same shape for all producers, spherical with rectangular base, designed by the designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, the ABTM cannot be contained in another bottle with a shape and or capacity different from the institutional one.
Alcohol content: 0 

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Acetaia la Tradizione
Cooperativa d'Arte Balsamica
Stradello Fiume, 23
41123 Modena - Italia
Tel. +39.059.840087 - Fax +39.059.840665
P.iva 02756330367

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